Life is not simple nor easy, Great Sages, Saints, Masters and Holy men have come from Ancient past to Today to guide us about living.

Modern psychology research discounts the soul’s healing, interaction with the person and the world, and with other people.  The spiritual magical aspect is hardly ever mentioned in any counselling or therapy session.  But yet it accounts for most of our sufferings in life.  Not understanding this makes it difficult to be satisfied in ones life.  We are easily affected by other people, and when we find ourselves in a situation, we do not know what to do, we fret and fear, we do not have the knowledge to assess the situation and understand it to keep our grounded peace of mind.

We have problems and we do not know how to make sense of them, why this happens or why that happens or what should we do about it.  We don’t know how to heal.  We don’t know which direction our lives should be headed at, we don’t know how to be happy, we don’t know how to treat ourselves, should we beat ourselves up, and why do we beat ourselves up for example if we have injured a friend without realising it.  Is how we go through this normal?  how long should we stay in it? Should we go and see someone about it? and who should we talk to?  In the Ancient past we go to see wise men and sages.  People who understand the magical aspect of life such as the heavens and life itself.  People who are Great Teachers.

In this website, I am trying to address this neglected area in modern society and psychology.  This area of therapeutic healing and approach to life.