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Navigating the field of NLP with ecology from God's wisdom


Hello, welcome to my blog, I have been in the Coaching field, healing and communication for the past 13 years.  Through my studies which I will elaborate I have brought these teachings I have learned and experienced to the field of NLP, that is the the study of Neuro how we function and our nervous system, Linguistic how our language relates to our mind body feelings and Programming, how our minds become conditioned in this world and society.

I have been in and still in the study of holy and wisdom scriptures of the many martyred saints who stood by their faith in what was true and just.  These saints would not falter in the face of evil and unjustness.  They stood by their city that is their holy city, their ‘nation’ till the death.  This city at the time stood in themselves as a representation in their minds, hearts and souls by their spirit.  By the spirit of God.

Also the studies of the many prophets in the holy scriptures and prophets of great wisdom.  Some of them were Kings, some anointed Kings and had the authority to in the ancient past.  Some could walk on water and could turn water in to wine.  Some could defeat a thousand men and some could make a pathway in the middle of the sea.

This is represents the truth that we do not live in a only mechanical world governed by physics nor science although it is not discounted either.  This is a world much more magical than we realise and can release the burden of over responsibility over ones life.

I truly hope that you may encounter something special, something different, something that hasn’t happened before in your life as you meet me on this journey.  That our paths may intersect for a short or a longer while where learning can take place.

Wisdom & Ecology Living

Cultivation and learning to live a Godly life, one that is satisfying in this world.  To be content and realising its possibility in this world.  Not in the absolute sense maybe but in a manageable and humane sense.  To combat the many influences of being human by correct learning.  To understand the principles of life that we may navigate correct living in a manageable way, in a way that we may come from a place of strength.  And if not a place of strength, then a place where there is still movement and also hope.

William Yin

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