Wisdom Living

Cultivation and learning to live a Godly life or for some a True life or a Life of Truth.  To learn about our human condition and to ease our sufferings, that we can live peaceful, content and be certain about our lives, circumstances, situations and events.  Not in the perfect person sense maybe but in a humane sense.  To combat the many influences of being human by correct education.  To understand the principles of life that we may navigate correct living as best as we can, in a way that we may come from a place of strength but yet have compassion for our weaknesses.

About me

I have come across many difficulties in my life and have overcome all of them.  I have come to learn that there are certain things you can change and certain things you can’t.  Time and education has changed.  Standing up for what is correct as much as I could, and staying on the righteous path as much as my human nature would allow.

To do the difficult things in difficult times as much as I could and also having understanding and compassion for my failiures and deficiencies.

I have studied many works throughout my course in life, finding and knowing myself.  From Psychology to Philosophers, to The Holy Biblical works, to Ancient Chinese Sages and to Ancient Hindu and Buddhist teachings.  I have studied the World and History and People and still studying.

I have found the deficiencies of modern psychology and why it lacks.  There is also a preventative approach due to the nature of wisdom and also a cure approach for the already wounded.

I have realised that psychology is not just a mental problem to address as implied in today’s world.  We as humans are not just mental emotional physical beings.  We are soulful creatures with a spirit.  We cannot address our human problems with just a mental intervention comprised of research for and since the last 200-300 years.

We have this soul and we obide not only to laws of the government, the people around us, but ourselves and the universe.  We are subject to unseen magical laws that operate the universe that affects us.  This is such as we need water to survive and sleep to rejuvenate.  We are in a sense dependant on the world around us.  So are our mental mind.  We cannot just deny the physical world and reality around us and live in positive and optimistic thinking only.  We must address the reality outside of us also.  But we must also realise it does not control us but we also must realise that it does to a degree.

For example you cannot hang around a group of bad friends and not have it affect you but you could sustain yourself with minimal damage for a short while if you had to be around them.

You cannot just accept current reality and not look for affecting the future, having a future you would like in thought, realising this is the direction but also realising you are not there yet.  There are studies and psychology that teaches that you must believe it already is reality in order for it to happen, but it isn’t, this would be denying the reality.  You could say that it is here in the sense that it hasn’t yet manifested but that all the things that are needed to make it happen are here.  Everything appears to be interconnected in some manner in the sense that all you have to do to make something happen is to just go to get the materials that are already in this world to make it happen.

Our souls and humanity are not only tied to this physical 100 years lifetime but to past lives and the heavens.  Our souls live through these times and there is a consciousness that remembers.  What we have done in previous lives affects what we may have to go through in this life. In Buddhism, this is the law of Karma but not only.  Through understanding this, our consciousness can be raised and we can approach, attempt and deal with life’s problems with much more ease and compassion.  We can learn to see the soul in others and this by itself beautifies our spirit.

There are various other proofs by historical records from other mystical works such as the Holy bible.

The studies of the many prophets in the holy scriptures and prophets of great wisdom has shown that there were Kings, some anointed Kings by the heavens, and had some authority in the heavens.  Some like Solomon could know things from wisdom before the beginning of the world. Some could walk on water and could turn water in to wine and Some could make a pathway in the middle of the sea.

This is represents the truth that we do not live in a only mechanical world governed by physics nor science although it is not discounted either. This is a world much more magical than we realise and can release the burden of over responsibility over ones life.

William Yin

For more information please feel free to email me at wisdomcoachingwill@gmail.com