The number one problem of leadership is not having the internal alignment or congruence to deal with problems of a team or of a group of people. We are emotional creatures and it is not easy to deal with the quarrels with kindness and compassion but also with strength and balance. What i mean by balance is the right quantity of sterness tempered with softness but sterness is the external description of the behaviour. The real strength comes from an internal alignment. In this way a person has a natural grounding, a strong grounding that is flexible but yet formed. A formedness that has boundaries that are finely balanced and appropriate for the situation.

To have a strong first position ie a grounding in self but also able to have an empathetic understanding without getting lost in the other person. The outcome of this is a balanced way of communicating and leading the other person in a compassionate and strong way. This allows for the right delivery of speech and action that is interpreted the right way.

The leadership at least that i am talking about is the Ghandi leaderships, the Jesus leaderships that require one to have found their life purpose and mission. For me I had to find this or i could not have the strength to go through the evils of satan.

This implies that there is an obvious source of power and strength that comes from leadership from the Spirit than from that which comes from someone who is leading from a place which does not align with their person. That is their identity, their moral philosophy, their ethics and values, and thus their missions in life. Their purpose in life that really touches home for them, and through this their part, their vision in this world that contributes to a world that is a world in which God reigns.
A world that is kind, without suffering, without illness, safe, holy and true, a world of peace and justice, a world that stems from a real reality or ‘a reality that is the truth and the way’.