NLP with Wisdom

Navigating the field of NLP with ecology from God's wisdom


There is a true reality out there. This reality makes clear how we are human beings limited by the conditions of nature and the creator of nature. This reality tells us that there is an intelligent source of life and creation. That we do not ultimately govern our own lives but limited to our destiny. Each individual has a different destiny and it is our blessing to find it. When we do, our lives can be renewed with much strength and satisfaction, with resilience to meet the tribulations and challenges of life.

Through this we can learn that because there are conditions that influence that we must acknowledge not only outside of our minds but also inside of our minds, body, soul and spirit…that because of these inevitable conditions there arises something called An Ecology. This ‘Ecology’ teaches us how to respect these conditions and how to work with them in a gentle, caring and safe way.

This Ecology requires wisdom, not only from psychology but form wisdom. That is from spiritual masters that knew the nature of humanity and mind not from science but from God. This is the wisdom that science is finding out and proving in todays time.

Not knowing your life Path affects your ecology. You will feel it in a work you are unhappy in doing. It will affect many areas of your life and influence you to accept a lower standard of happiness that you are aware of.