NLP with Wisdom

Navigating the field of NLP with ecology from God's wisdom

NLP And Wisdom


I was very blessed to have come across the Field of NLP which was Neuro Linguistic Programming.  This is the science and study of the structure of subjective experience.  It is a very natural study because the way it works is the way how our minds naturally function. An example of this is that it I told you to see a sad moment in your time, and notice where the location of the image is in your mind like to the left or the right etc.  Then see a happy moment and notice where this image is.  Notice they will probably be in different locations and one maybe brighter than the other, one maybe 3 dimensional and the other 2 dimensions.

NLP helps us to understand how beliefs are formed inside of ourselves and gives us a certainty of ourselves and therefore confidence of our sanity.  We become more assertive because it helps us understand the situations we go through in life more.  We are able to assess a situation and apply other principles of life and humanity to it.

Therefore I have called this site NLP and Wisdom because with the study of wisdom it gives us access to these principles that we can apply to our situations for a more educated life.  Also the study of wisdom highlights major human issues that cannot be covered by NLP or science.  For example NLP will not tell us the meaning of death, nor will it give us understanding of why people are born and why they die.  It will not tell us about nature although it can certainly help us think about it once we have some basis of wisdom.

It can help free our minds by viewing things as a whole by helping us see how the parts work.  An example is clouds rain and water is gathered up around the earth.  This water then condensates and eventually go back to the clouds.  Some of this water flows back to the seas before condensing to the clouds.  As it rains or just after it rains, rainbows form and gives off a certain light.  A certain beauty.  After the rainbow disappears we know it is gone and there is some time before another comes.  During this time the sky can be clear.  So there is a process to nature.  This is called a systemic process in NLP.

Another example is how a butterfly in one part of the globe can flap its wings and cause a hurricane in another part of the globe.