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The Final Cure; Depression & Anxiety: Theraputic Healing For Women

I heal depression and anxiety.  Sessions are £40 an hour.  There isn’t really a quick fix but i can promise you the ‘fix’ will happen and that it will be long term to the day you give up your spirit and pass on in to heaven.  

Please call 07508 065 721 or email

The majority of the problems is from a loss of God. People don’t realise it. All they know is that a certain power got lost. There had been a time when they were happy, where they felt empowered. That things went well was not the cause, but the wholeness. They became unwholesome.  

When things went well, they felt as though they deserved and were worthy. When things didn’t they felt otherwise.  
So when things don’t go well, the mind is smallened, and can’t get out to see the bigger picture. But then when they do it eases, but there is still an unsatisfaction, as in something missing. So it is easy to fall back in to achieving in order to feel whole. 
The only real relief is to go back to God. The mind is focused on God although earning a living is still in process. But because the mind is on God, the mind touches on some sort of mission from God although the person may not be aware of it. It may not immediately be clear to the degree you could get it into words but it often guides as a sort of an atmosphere, or a state of mind where the intelligence is in the energy and or feeling. You still can’t put it into words but it is there and there are times it guides without you knowing about it.  
But without doubt there is greater doing work in your life. Sometimes from the question of where is the good? It may not take half a day to instantly occur but may take a few days. But be sure that the experience will stay as a unmovable reference for the future. As we gain more and more of these experiences, we begin to come out of depression and our minds become used to a mentality, a new mentality that is almost if not infinitely resilient and unbreakable.  
We may cry, we may feel sad, but the feeling is good, it actually feels good to let it out and feel the sadness. And we can do this because we are supported by this love that goes through all things from God. We are not afraid to express because we have this acceptance. It is not an acceptance through mental conditioning or affirmations or positive psychology but it is a felt acceptance from love. This love does not entirely go so that we as human beings completely go without love in a turmulous time. We are always able to sustain even the harshest of situations and times. We never really break down to the point of destruction, we break down in a good way as in we naturally accept how we feel and it is somewhat refreshing after we look back on the experience after a while.  
When we don’t have God, we break down to the point of destruction and deep within there is always this fear that we can’t handle a situation. This is because we feel the break will be at a point of destruction, and it is probably true because we don’t have God sustaining us. This makes it difficult for any if there are, some feelings suppressed to come up, so that you may process the feelings and let them go. With the faith and belief in God, we are naturally healing and we have the strength to.
We didn’t just cure the problem but we found a true method, a new way to live, this way is a way of true confidence, because you know you will handle most things life throws at you.  

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