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Replenishment Consultations For Women Executives

When we live life with wisdom, we live life with replenishment. This is the place of truth, a place where nothing can overcome it. No psychology technique can cure the problem where truth is needed. This is a place where there is a Spirit of renewal, a Spirit of cleansing. It cleans are minds, bodies and souls. It refreshes our life and mind. We are rejuvenated by this.
When there is any psychological change within a person, the change does not come from the technique but from a creativity, this is an energy. But creativity in the usual creativity as in people who draw or in the artist industry is not the only creativity. There is a Spirit creativity. Its a kind of renewing energy. This seems to cleanse away the old and refreshes for the new. Thus I know that psychology without this kind of energy cannot be possible. When we realise something, we automatically feel blessed, we feel a kindness done to us. It is not explicit and many times its not really someone else that did it even though they were talking to us. It was something else, an energy. We feel it in our hearts, minds and souls. But we do not realise what it was or where it came from, we never really ask the question. It came from the grace of God but we never really made the connection that this energy came from God.
Many have maybe come across one or two lines of scripture from the bible and never really felt anything. Thus they did not have a reference for this feeling of grace and kindness that came from scripture. Maybe it wasn’t their time and they did not have the space in themselves to read the right things at the right time or just didn’t manage to read enough of it to have this reference of this feeling.
My job is to help you make these connections, helping to apply the right stories or principles or faith to your situation and the moment of time in your experience that you may ponder on it and let it make sense and therefore allow your mind to be replenished by this cleansing force.



There is a free introductory session for 15-30 mins

Thereafter it is £40 an hour.

There is a discount for pre booked sessions of 6 or more. For 6 sessions usually £240, and discounted to £210 for 6 sessions.

Please call 07849 907795 or email for bookings.

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